Treatments We Provide

Non-surgical/Minimally Invasive Options

Intra-Articular Injections/Joint Injections

Bursa Injections

Celiac Plexus Block

Cluneal Nerve Block

Epidural Steroid Injections

Facet Injections / Medial Branch Blocks

Ganglion Impar Blocks

Intrathecal Narcotic or Baclofen Pump Management

Kyphoplasty / Vertebroplasty

Lumbar Discography


Lysis of Adhesions – Racz Catheter

Neuroma Injections & RFA

Occipital Nerve Blocks

Posterior Rami Blocks

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Selective Nerve Root Block

Sphenopalatine / Glossopharyngeal / Trigeminal Nerve Blocks

Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial and Implant

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

Stellate Ganglion Blocks

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

Trigger Point Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections

Osteopathic Manipulation

IV Infusions


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